* I have tried many different products in the past, including the market leading brand which I have always bought from the chemist. A friend recommended I tried Herstat for my frequent cold sore outbreaks and I cannot speak highly enough about how effective the cream is. Read More...

*Herstat. I don't get cold sores often, but when I do, this product is AMAZING! Thank you. D.N.

*I had occasion to use Herstat over the Christmas holidays, and it was absolutely the very best medication I have ever used to combat a cold sore. I will look forward to seeing it on the shelves here in Canada! D.K.

The Best Cold sore treatment on the market
Mr J.P. *
This product is AMAZING!

D.N. *
Absolutely the very best medication I have ever used
D.K. *

Make your cold sore disappear 4 days faster with Herstat® cold sore treatment

Are you looking for a cold sore treatment that actually works?

If so, you've come to the right place.

Take the cold sore challenge and reduce the number of days that you suffer from a cold sore outbreak!

Clinically proven to speed healing and relieve pain, Herstat® Cold Sore is available as a non-prescription natural remedy.

“Herstat® is a natural cold sore treatment and has received a Natural Product Number (NPN 80021252) from Health Canada”


What Makes Herstat® Different?

Very effective - It works for almost all cold sore sufferers (in the clinical study 9/10 would use it again)

Feel it work fast - In clinical studies, patients felt it working right away to soothe the pain of cold sores and most patients saw their cold sore heal within 4 days - 4 days faster

Effective at any stage of your cold sore - If you miss the first stage of the cold sore, Herstat will start working at any point to help soothe the pain and heal your cold sore faster. It provides moisturizing benefits so your cold sore doesn’t dry out.

Uses a Natural Active ingredient - Uses a unique form of the natural ingredient Propolis ACF which has anti-viral and anti-bacterial activity, as well as helping to speed healing

Leaves no residue - Naturally tinted formula blends in and will not leave a residue

Discovered and made in Canada - Herstat formulation was developed at the University of Manitoba and is produced in Canada for worldwide distribution.

*Compared to the placebo group taking part in clinical trials.


Feel it work fast

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  • Placebo: 8.8 days / jours
  • 4.7 days / jours Herstat
  • = 4.1 days faster / 4.1 jours plus rapide

9 Out Of 10 would use it again

We’re confident that you will feel the difference Herstat® makes because we’ve heard from others just like you.

In double-blinded placebo controlled studies, we asked patients about the overall effectiveness of the product and their response was overwhelmingly positive

When Herstat® users were asked if they would use Herstat® again, their response was also overwhelming

You can hear directly from sufferers around the world who’ve tried Herstat® for themselves by reading their testimonials.



I am a dreadful sufferer of cold sores and have found your product wonderful, I have been using the lip care stick on a daily basis and (touch wood) have NOT had a cold sore for almost six months! This is unheard of! Amazing. Read more...


I really NEED some more of that wonderful cream.

N.D. (S Africa)

I used Herstat for my cold sore. I had a party to go to and I really needed it to go away. I used this and; it literally vanished! I great product :)

R.T (Canada)

I'm from Brazil and I need know how I can buy a product Herstat for use personal. I have symptoms of herpes simplex lesions and these product is powerfull and here in Brazil not have anymore!

E.C. (Brazil)

Finally!! A product that not only works, but it is a product I know I can trust!

N.S. (Canada)

Thanks. It is the best product I have found so far for managing cold sores. I appreciate you sending through the samples. I am on my last tube with no visits to Europe planned in the near future.

M.L. (New Zealand)

So many people in SA that I know of who get these cold sores, I just tell them that I have THE most amazing ointment and have on a few occasions let them try it out and they all want to know where to get their hands on this. The Lipcare stick is ALSO brilliant!

N.D. (S Africa)

I recently returned from Norway where I purchased a lipcare tube. It is far superior to any lip balm I have ever tried.

A.L. (USA)

I wondered is there anywhere I can purchase this in Canada. I do not get cold sores too often but when I have this worked GREAT.

M.M. (Canada)

Can you inform us if the “Herstat” product is available in the Netherlands and if so, who is the distributer? We have been very successful with the purified propolis extract in the treatment of shingles which we bought in Sweden.

B.R. (Sweden)

I wish you find a distributor in Brazil soon, because I like so much your product.

A.C. (Brazil)

I made good experience with Herstat lip product. Could you advise if the product containing your 3% propolis extract is available in Switzerland?

M.W. (Switzerland)

The LipCare stick is fantastic can you tell me where I can buy them as both of my daughters would like to buy them?

C.M. (UK)

I had occasion to use Herstat over the Christmas holidays, and it was absolutely the very best medication I have ever used to combat a cold sore. I will look forward to seeing it on the shelves here in Canada!

D.K. (Canada)

“Without this Herstat I don't know what I'd do. If I have a "tingle" warning & I apply the Herstat immediately, it never becomes a blister but if I don't have a warning the Herstat definitely cuts down on the time they're active.”

J.H. (USA)

I have suffered from coldsores for over 20 years, and I came across this ointment on a pharmacy website while I was ordering some vitamins. I have tried every known “cold sore” cream, ointment, tablet on the market, but to no avail (they always seemed to increase in size and more often than not spread as well) Read more...

K. V. (W. Australia)

Wife a kiss did seek

Other treatments take a week

Pecked her on the cheek

Haiku by T.K. (Canada)

I am writing today to congratulate you on one of the best cold sore ointment I have ever used! I choose the ointment out of a line up of 4 different products in the chemist and to be honest I choose yours over the other more well known brands because Read more...

T.M. (OAMARU New Zealand)

Herstat. I don't get cold sores often, but when I do, this product is AMAZING! Thank you


Having suffered with Cold Sores all my life and trying numerous products which did not live up to their selling hype, imagine my delight when I discovered Herstat. My Cold Sores used to “hang around” for at least 10 days living up to their name by being sore and the skin would be very tight. Read more...

Mrs K.B-D. (UK)