Although cold sores will heal without treatment in around twelve days, they can cause a lot of discomfort and their appearance can make some people self-conscious. So, it's only natural that you will want to get rid of them quickly.

There are a number of available treatments for cold sores on the market today – but there is currently no known cure. These treatments include a range of topical cold sore treatments, such as antiviral creams and patches, along with a range of non-antiviral products, which help relieve the symptoms of cold sores. Herstat is one of these latter products and is a lip protectant which helps relieve the symptoms of cold sores. 

Antiviral treatments

Antiviral topical products, which are applied to the affected area, can help speed up the healing time of a cold sore outbreak.

However, the problem with some of these antiviral treatments, such as acyclovir and penciclovir, is that if they're not applied early enough in the outbreak's life cycle – i.e. the tingling or, to use its scientific name, the prodromal phase – they may not be quite as effective. This is because once blisters have already formed, it means the virus has replicated and started to kill the cells. Applying antiviral cream at this stage will be of limited benefit in helping the damaged skin to heal.

Non-antiviral treatments

Non-antiviral treatments do not necessarily speed the healing process by attacking the virus, but instead they help to ease the discomfort of cold sores by reducing inflammation and pain as well as providing a conducive environment within which healing can take place.

Individuals may also choose to take painkillers in the form of tablets, as these can help to reduce the pain and inflammation experienced.


Herstat Cold Sore Treatment can be applied at any stage of the cold sore episode and is a lip protectant.

Herstat provides a barrier to retain moisture, protects against secondary infection and moisturizes the skin in the affected area.

Our product provides an environment conducive to healing and helps to soothe the symptoms of cold sores, such as dryness, and helps prevent the sore cracked lips associated with cold sore outbreaks.  

We have two products which can help you battle your cold sore symptoms. These include:

Herstat Cold Sore Treatment

  • Use: When you are presented with cold sore symptoms and need to take action against these during an outbreak.
  • Benefits: This handy little tube of ointment helps to relieve the symptoms of a cold sore.

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Herstat Lip Care Stick

  • Use: Between cold sore outbreaks.
  • Benefits: Provides everyday protection for your lips and if used frequently is effective against dry or chapped lips. Helps reduce UVA and UVB damage.

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Buy both products today, or try one of our saver bundles, and start reaping the benefits of Herstat relief for the symptoms of cold sores.

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