The Herstat formulation includes mineral oils and waxes as its main ingredient, and several other substances (known as excipients).

Mineral Oils and Waxes

This is the main ingredient in Herstat's Cold Sore Treatment, making up 89.5% of the finished product. Mineral Oils are also known or referred to by several common names including petrolatum and petroleum jelly. This acts as an emollient and barrier, softening the skin and keeping the wound moisturized - a critical factor in accelerating healing - and might also protect the cold sore from secondary infections.

The NHS in England states that emollients help the skin retain water, ease itching, reduce scaling, and soften cracks.

Mineral oils were chosen as the main ingredient since the barrier effect they provide helps the skin retain moisture and a moist environment has been proven to promote better and faster healing in skin wounds.

This beneficial ingredient additionally helps to reduce pain by keeping the skin supple in the affected area and can reduce the urge to scratch or pick at the cold sore and surrounding irritated skin, therefore helping to speed healing time and reduce discomfort in this way too.

Liquid paraffin

This ingredient, which accounts for 5% of the ointment, is a transparent, odorless mineral oil known to have been used for treatment purposes as early as 400 BC. Just like the mineral oil, it also acts as an emollient in Herstat, but because it is a liquid, it allows the cold sore treatment to be better dispersed over the area in need of care.

Propolis extract

Propolis in its crude format is a sticky tar-like substance which is produced by honeybees which they use to protect their colonies and fill gaps and holes in the hive. Propolis possesses a great many qualities and has been used since the time of the Ancient Egyptians for a variety of purposes.

Propolis is still used for a variety of purposes today and this substance derived from the natural world is commonly used in soaps, sprays, skin products and shampoos and a host of other cosmetic products.

Our unique brand of propolis extract comes from a sustainable source situated in Canada. Herstat contains 3% purified propolis extract. The crude propolis we use to make the refined product is collected by the bees mainly from poplar tree resins and other plant and trees sources in the Manitoba region of Canada.

Propolis meets both food grade and pharmaceutical quality standards and is manufactured in Winnipeg, Canada to cGMP quality standards. These high standards ensure that our propolis remains free from impurities such as heavy metals, pesticides and any other microbiological contamination.

The purified propolis in our ointment has a pleasant vanilla-like scent and alongside the other ingredients, helps soothe and moisturize the lips. 


Ethanol is a solvent produced by fermentation and is used in many pharmaceutical and cosmetic products. Because Herstat is an ointment (oil-based) and not a cream (water-based), it creates a water-resistant barrier useful for trapping moisture and promoting skin healing where sometimes a cream would not. Ethanol is used during the process of purifying the propolis and furthermore during the mixing process to help the various ingredients mix with each other consistently.

Wool fat

Wool fat – or lanolin – is an emollient that's been extracted from wool. Accounting for 1% of our product, this fatty substance is produced by sheep to protect their fleece from water and works well in ointments to keep the ointment smooth and consistent. The lanolin in Herstat also helps to create a protective barrier around the cold sore, keeping the skin moisturized and supple, and also soothes itching.

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